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Varieties of Delmotte Netherlands 18th century coin weights

Delmotte reverse die type 1 - as Simmons Gallery auction ot MB68-21l3

Delmotte reverse die type 1 – as Simmons Gallery auction ot MB68-213 – for English half guinea coin

215 coin weight

Delmotte Type 2 reverse die as lot MB68-215 auction Simmons Gallery, again for a half guinea coins

lot 226 coin weight

Delmotte Type 3 reverse die as lot MB68-226 auction Simmons Gallery coin weight for French Double Louis Noailles

243 coin weight

Delmotte Type 4 reverse die as lot MB68-243 auction Simmons Gallery coin weight for Spanish Double Excelente gold coin, c.1770 bevelled edge.

While looking at these Dutch coin weights in our next auction for weights and scales MB68, we realised that there are 4 distinct reverse dies used by Jacques Delmotte in Brussels in the 18th century, c.1770.
All are on the theme of St Michael archangel holding a sword and shield, killing the Dragon.

Type 1 see lot 213   Tail of dragon goes past the D, Wings point to letters, curved sword, beaded frame

Type 2 see lot 215  Tail of dragon far from D and underneath, Wings point to M but not to D, straight sword  frame has beaded border within line

Type 3  lot 226 only Tail of dragon further  from D and underneath pointing upwards, Wing tips do not point to letters. frame of two lines

Type 4 lot 243 only Tail of dragon under  the D, Wings point to letters, curved sword differs from type 1 in that is cruder and M further from shield, beaded frame.

Houben lists 3 members of the Delmotte family but we’re interested here in Jacques Delmotte.  Eugene Lambert Delmotte was also born in Brussels but worked in Gent – there’s three of his weights in the sale too – lots 248-250.

All these weights and more are in our next postal auction: MB68 Simmons Gallery, ending 12 noon BST on 30 September 2014 for bids.  See website for details.


As soon as you publish something there’s always going to be more information available.  We are reliably informed that there are several more  types from Delmotte and here they are (not in the auction but just for your reference)

Delmotte 1 - coin weight

Delmotte 1 – coin weight


Delmotte 2 – just initials on coin weight


Delmotte 3 – note counterstamp on weight



Wittop Koning, D A & Houben, G M M  2000 Jaar Gewichten in de Nederlanden1980 Lochem, see p 194-195

Dieudonne Manuel des poids monetaires, 180pp 16 plates, Paris 1925, plate XVI no.22

Pommier, Aime, Monnaie de Paris 1999,  Poids Monetaires, 1. Poids pour monnaies de France Chapter 3 (section 3.B.1 p77 no 407 (our type 1) and now 408 and 410 (type 2)

Alphonse de Witte, Deneraux et leurs ajusteurs, 1899, Bruxelles

Also local parish registers and state archives (thank you LS for the extra information)


Delmotte - variations in coin weight reverses taken from De Witte

Delmotte – variations in coin weight reverses taken from De Witte

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