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2018 round-up coin and medal fairs plus congresses

New 2018 diary and lots of dates of fairs and study days for coin and medal collectors to enter.  The regulars are as ever the London Coin Fair (LCF), the Bloomsbury fair (also London) as well as York, Harrogate, Birmingham and Wakefield.  We don’t do all of them but we will be exhibiting at the […]

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Beer and tobacco, God and Mammon – MB81 token auction

Beer and tobacco used to go together as two of life’s pleasures – until the dangers to health were pointed out and legislation came in.  But as numismatic series to collect you can have fun seeking out tokens which feature both though perhaps not on the same item.  The current auction, MB81 closing on 4 […]

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Coin fairs, auctions and congresses – 2016 news round-up

After FIDEM in Gent and a stimulating visit to the Mauquoy mint and factory, we  returned to a very busy few weeks in the UK.  First there was our own medal auction, 20th century to the present day, which took place on 22 September.  We achieved a top price of £1700 for Lynn Chadwick’s medal […]

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Contemporary forgeries: out to deceive

As the previous blog post notes, there have always been coin forgeries.  When putting together the latest weights auction (MB77 24 August 2016) Howard came across some curious contemporary forgeries, i.e. those made at the same time as the circulating coinage they imitate (lots 334-338). Basically there are three sorts Plating of gold on base […]

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Latin Monetary Union: Alliance Monetaire

A curious cupro-nickel French weight/token for the Alliage Monetaire surfaced while we were preparing the latest weights catalogue (MB77, closing for bids on 24 August 2016).  We’ve catalogued it as follows, misreading the legend:  Alliance Monetaire 1877, with globe, 10 incuse in square below.  On the reverse it simply says Metallurgie Francaise Paris 4 grammes, […]

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PLUS ULTRA – Spanish Colonial coinage

When visiting the Alcazar in Granada last year, among the amazing tiles we were surprised to see the tile below, with an image so very familiar from Spanish and Spanish and Colonial coinage. According to Greek mythology Herkules built twin pillars on either side of the Straits of Gibraltar to mark the end of the known […]

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Mining checks, tallies and motties

Mining checks and tallies open our current auction, MB76 closing 15 June 2016.  We’re familiar with  with the lamp checks, brass holed discs with the colliery name and the miner’s unique number at that pit stamped on it.  The token would be handed into the Lamp Room when the miner collected his lamp.  It doubled both as a time check […]

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American Eagles and Miss Liberty in competition on American bullion coins

The new designs for US American Eagle platinum proof bullion coins of 2015-16 were released in October 2014.  Personally I’m more in favour of the eagle than I am of Miss Liberty – (who has a figure like that naturally?) The question then was posed whether these are real coins to spend or just for collectors with […]

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A cashless society – and parking the car

Contactless, cashless or coins?   Hmm.. the practicalities of payment.    Yesterday I was collecting the Simmons Gallery  MB70 auction catalogues from the printers (communion tokens!) and parked outside the printer’s offices in Islington.  Parking your car is hard enough without the added trauma of paying for it. Hooray!  A parking place. Boohoo! the machine […]

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VISITING COIN FAIRS – London and beyond

Another coin fair before the summer break, and then with September, the coin fair and congress season will be here with the London Coin Fair at the Holiday Inn  (4 June and 3 September) and BNTA Coinex (30 September-1 October 2016) just a few weeks apart.  And we’ve just come back from the annual Historical Medallion study day […]

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