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CHATS ON OLD COINS – and other numismatic matters


Test-CoinsChats on old coins – that’s the title of a book that Howard Simmons had when a very young collector many moons ago.  And a blog is just that.  We’ll be adding articles and photos from time to time.  When I say ‘we’ that means Howard chatting and me (Frances) typing furiously and adding my own comments.  The blog is also the place to look for summaries of talks we’ve done in the past or pieces on current auctions and lists – not forgetting whatever happens to be surfacing on the desk or photographed recently.

Today’s image is of one of my favourite medals.   It was issued by the Parisian trade association for jewellery and metalwork – hence the very discerning young ladies examining in the light a little tiara (with matching necklace on the bench as well as the coffee pot and tureen – at least I think that’s what they are).  ‘Modern’ in style for the time at end of the 19th century, beginning of 20th century,  the medal is not round, it has that ethereal spirit of metalwork looming in the background while the realistic depiction of the two women firmly puts in the observer’s mind the quality and beauty of the wares made by the goldsmiths and jewellers.  It’s quite small, only about 50mm wide but exquisite.

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