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Feedback on mailing auction catalogues

Earlier this year we canvassed some of our customers on how they would like to receive auction catalogues and other alerts from us.  This resulted in some useful and interesting feedback and we now know just how much some of you love to scribble over the text rather than sit at a computer.  So we’ve decided to send text catalogues (unless you opt for online alerts only) to bidders for the subsequent 2 auctions in that speciality, e.g. weights, medals, tokens.  If you just want to have the text catalogue without bidding then we will make a nominal charge for postage – £2.00 in UK and Northern Ireland, £5.00 overseas.

Royal Mail has once again put up its charges so that our traditional A4 catalogue was beginning to be uneconomic to post out (over £2.00 in the UK, and up to £6.00 overseas).  We’ve tried sending out CDs to our overseas clients – that seems to work for some people and you get the illustrations too.  But the easiest and most efficient way for us to publish is on our website,  whether it’s by using illustrated pdfs of the catalogue or the online bidding system. or just the text only catalogue for download as you want.

There are drawbacks with the website, as we know and have been told by you.  The online bidding finishes automatically at the cut off time for bids – 12 noon on the day of the sale.  However, the illustrated pdfs are still there, joined by updated prices realised until the next auction.

You can increase the size of the text/illustrations on the pdfs by using the Zoom facility on your computer or handset (generally Control + or cmd + on Apple).  However, the resolution here is limited so that we can get you an optimum size; not too big for a speedy download.  If you need a photo for later, for your personal use, just get in touch and we’ll email you.  We don’t mind you sharing or publishing, as long as you acknowledge the copyright of the photo is Simmons Gallery Ltd.

We’d already decided  earlier this year to use a MailChimp newsletter as a safer means of distributing information to our rather extensive database of clients.  Depending on who provides your broadband/internet service we found that we were ending up in spam or getting blocked.  BtInternet, Hotmail and Comcast were the most likely to say ‘No’ to bulk emailings unless we were in the ‘accepted’ allowed list on your computer.  Good though that may be for blocking unwanted emails, it did mean that people were complaining about not getting messages from us.

MailChimp are very precise about checking that you really want to receive news from us hence the link invitation to check that your address is correct and that we’re not spamming you.  Also there are new rules coming in about internet usage so this is a form of due diligence with which we as a business have to comply.

Many of you have been positive about the newsletter; it’s really just to alert you to what’s new, what’s happening and where we’re going to be that month.  Feedback which leads us to improve our service to you is always welcome so thanks for your interest.

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