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Category Archives: Weights

2018 round-up coin and medal fairs plus congresses

New 2018 diary and lots of dates of fairs and study days for coin and medal collectors to enter.  The regulars are as ever the London Coin Fair (LCF), the Bloomsbury fair (also London) as well as York, Harrogate, Birmingham and Wakefield.  We don’t do all of them but we will be exhibiting at the […]

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Contemporary forgeries: out to deceive

As the previous blog post notes, there have always been coin forgeries.  When putting together the latest weights auction (MB77 24 August 2016) Howard came across some curious contemporary forgeries, i.e. those made at the same time as the circulating coinage they imitate (lots 334-338). Basically there are three sorts Plating of gold on base […]

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Beating the cheats old-style: coin weights

By Howard Simmons Throughout history people have cheated; to make dealings fair it is a fundamental requisite for anyone in a position of power to maintain a good system of weights and measures. The battle between the cheat and the authorities has been going on for thousands of years. Coins have been the target of […]

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Feedback on mailing auction catalogues

Earlier this year we canvassed some of our customers on how they would like to receive auction catalogues and other alerts from us.  This resulted in some useful and interesting feedback and we now know just how much some of you love to scribble over the text rather than sit at a computer.  So we’ve […]

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Latin Monetary Union: Alliance Monetaire

A curious cupro-nickel French weight/token for the Alliage Monetaire surfaced while we were preparing the latest weights catalogue (MB77, closing for bids on 24 August 2016).  We’ve catalogued it as follows, misreading the legend:  Alliance Monetaire 1877, with globe, 10 incuse in square below.  On the reverse it simply says Metallurgie Francaise Paris 4 grammes, […]

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VISITING COIN FAIRS – London and beyond

Another coin fair before the summer break, and then with September, the coin fair and congress season will be here with the London Coin Fair at the Holiday Inn  (4 June and 3 September) and BNTA Coinex (30 September-1 October 2016) just a few weeks apart.  And we’ve just come back from the annual Historical Medallion study day […]

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Varieties of Delmotte Netherlands 18th century coin weights

While looking at these Dutch coin weights in our next auction for weights and scales MB68, we realised that there are 4 distinct reverse dies used by Jacques Delmotte in Brussels in the 18th century, c.1770. All are on the theme of St Michael archangel holding a sword and shield, killing the Dragon. Type 1 […]

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Some of the earliest writings on Babylonian cuneiform clay tablets indicate that number and measurement of mass, length and volume were already in use at the time writing was being developed. This gives the practice of using artefacts to measure mass (weighing) a much longer history than that of coins. Priests and kings set up […]

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CHATS ON OLD COINS – and other numismatic matters

  Chats on old coins – that’s the title of a book that Howard Simmons had when a very young collector many moons ago.  And a blog is just that.  We’ll be adding articles and photos from time to time.  When I say ‘we’ that means Howard chatting and me (Frances) typing furiously and adding […]

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