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Category Archives: Contemporary Work

MB84 Medal auction 28 February – Ireland, music and more

A collection of medals from Ireland – a collection of medals on the theme of music celebrating composers – different but there are several crossovers in our current medal auction, MB84 ending on 28 February 2018. The most striking one is the commemorative struck upon the death in 1908 of a much loved Irish singer, […]

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2018 round-up coin and medal fairs plus congresses

New 2018 diary and lots of dates of fairs and study days for coin and medal collectors to enter.  The regulars are as ever the London Coin Fair (LCF), the Bloomsbury fair (also London) as well as York, Harrogate, Birmingham and Wakefield.  We don’t do all of them but we will be exhibiting at the […]

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Ron Dutton’s medals – landscapes here, above and beyond

Think of Ron Dutton’s medallic work and the words, landscape, clouds, flying and sheep all come to mind.  From the personal to the cosmic, the scope of Dutton’s imagination is immense. Simmons Gallery are pleased to be able to offer in our latest art medal auction (MB82) a selection of Ron Dutton’s cast bronze medals, […]

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MB80 medal auction round-up

Overall our medal auction on 29 March achieved solid prices for this specialist market.  There’s still lots of interest in the British Art Medal Society (BAMS) medals with the iconic Terror/Virtue and Diamond making strong prices according to an established market.  However, we’re beginning to notice that collections made by the original members of the […]

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Silver Piece x 100 – some thoughts on the value of art

How much is it worth? How do you value this piece? The sculptor and Jerwood Drawing Prize winner Juliet Haysom mused upon the way the medal is so closely linked to its transactional value by its material and tangentially to its artistic value.   Originally each medal was priced according to its weight, ranging from £133 […]

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Mint marks and symbols on Monnaie de Paris medals

I’m sometimes asked: how can you know a medal from the Monnaie de Paris is an original or a restrike? Some of the information below should help – I’ve kept it brief.   There is also the question of patination, which varies over the years going from the rather lovely olive brown of the early […]

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Coin fairs, auctions and congresses – 2016 news round-up

After FIDEM in Gent and a stimulating visit to the Mauquoy mint and factory, we  returned to a very busy few weeks in the UK.  First there was our own medal auction, 20th century to the present day, which took place on 22 September.  We achieved a top price of £1700 for Lynn Chadwick’s medal […]

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XXXIV FIDEM 2016 Ghent – Namur Belgium: artists and mints together

What a feast for medal collectors!  The 34th FIDEM congress for medals (International Federation for Medals), new and , place in Ghent last week from 6-10 September 2016.  Because Belgium is at least bi-lingual Vlaams/French there were also exhibitions in Namur, in the south French-speaking part.  About 150 people took part in this biennial event; […]

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International relations: modern political commemoratives

Reading our latest medal auction catalogue I was struck by the way in which medals are international in nature; celebrating cross border events, or the work of many different nationalities as regards content, design and manufacturer.                   For example, this portrait of the Italian pioneer of radio, […]

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Updating the coinage: New Zealand

Presents are always great so we were delighted to receive from the other side of the world examples of the current circulating money of New Zealand.  Lighter in weight than the previous cupro-nickel coinage, some of the coins are plated, but the two highest values (1 dollar, 2 dollars) are brass aluminium.  Our set has […]

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