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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Minting tokens and trials

In our latest token auction catalogue there are over 50 trials, tokens and medals relating to minting practice.  Most are related to the Birmingham Mint but there are a few from the Royal Mint  and from machinery manufacturers such as Taylor and Challen and Cincinatti Milacron HME presses. James Sweeny in his 1981 Numismatic History […]

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Coin fairs, auctions and congresses – 2016 news round-up

After FIDEM in Gent and a stimulating visit to the Mauquoy mint and factory, we  returned to a very busy few weeks in the UK.  First there was our own medal auction, 20th century to the present day, which took place on 22 September.  We achieved a top price of £1700 for Lynn Chadwick’s medal […]

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Mining token stories by Howard Simmons

Mining tokens provide so many stories that Howard’s taken just a few from the current auction to elaborate on them. Mining was one of the industries that became unionised. This token from the North Stafford Miners Federation illustrates a particular feature of all early Mining Union badges – they all have two holes  The practice […]

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