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Monthly Archives: August 2016

International relations: modern political commemoratives

Reading our latest medal auction catalogue I was struck by the way in which medals are international in nature; celebrating cross border events, or the work of many different nationalities as regards content, design and manufacturer.                   For example, this portrait of the Italian pioneer of radio, […]

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Contemporary forgeries: out to deceive

As the previous blog post notes, there have always been coin forgeries.  When putting together the latest weights auction (MB77 24 August 2016) Howard came across some curious contemporary forgeries, i.e. those made at the same time as the circulating coinage they imitate (lots 334-338). Basically there are three sorts Plating of gold on base […]

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Beating the cheats old-style: coin weights

By Howard Simmons Throughout history people have cheated; to make dealings fair it is a fundamental requisite for anyone in a position of power to maintain a good system of weights and measures. The battle between the cheat and the authorities has been going on for thousands of years. Coins have been the target of […]

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